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moahb's Journal

Noah B
5 April
Might as well use what I got on MySpace, it's served me well:
Originally from Los Angeles, I made my way to the Bay Area to serve in City Year, a wonderful AmeriCorps program which I worked for until June of 2005! I have since moved on to Hillel at Stanford, serving as their Social Action Project Coordinator, and creating Camp Kesem, a camp for children whose parents have or had cancer. What can I tell you? Things that are important to me:

(1) My identity-I am very proud of who I am as a gay man, a Jew, and the person I am because of those who raised and shaped me. I love who I am and I hope you will too.

(2) My friends and family-I would be no where without all these fantastic people. My parents are a blessing everyday to me. They made me the person that I am and I am ever so grateful for that. I have wonderful friends but unfourtunately they are spread out across the country. They are great and I would do anything for them.

(3) Politics/Activism-I was a Politics and Sociology major in college and I am deeply committed to social change and the greater good. I am a Liberal/Progressive and believe in everyone's rights as humans to enjoy safety, security, equality and happiness. No one is a lesser person for any reason. I love to talk politics and learn as much as possible.

I also love to just have a great time with people. That can mean just hanging out having coffee, or browsing a random store, or going to a movie, a club, or having a movie night at home. I'm pretty open to anything else as well.